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Caroline’s classes are very special! They are fun, interactive and exciting!
She is a great teacher that thoughtfully prepares materials for the classes addressing students individual needs and level of their language. Her program and homeworks are very versatile: she uses audio assignments, provides recorded feedback on homeworks, shows many relevant video files and songs, utilizes game format, and makes the learning process very enjoyable. She has a great personality and is really passionate about teaching! I am so lucky I have found her! I am confident that she will help me to learn speaking and understanding french in the most effective and efficient way.  Thank you for the great classes! You are awesome, Caroline!


I can neither thank nor recommend Caroline enough. In a mere fifteen hours of class time, she was able to do more for me than all the self-help French books in the world. As someone who is imminently leaving for France, I cannot imagine a better resource to have discovered than our Skype lessons; I only wish I had had more, and know I will be returning in the future for clarification. If you’re on the fence as to which professor you should have a go with, Caroline is the ticket. Merci beaucoup, mon amie.